Xvideos Red

Xvideos Red Review: Is the Site Legit? Its Features Pros and Cons

Xvideos Red does not post most of the content they have. A large number of  porn videos available on the site are from different sources.  This  is a new porn aggregator website that boasts of over 200 uploads on a daily basis. 

Most of  its videos are in 4k quality.  Our work is to review Xvideos Red and determine whether it is worth paying for premium services.

Xvideos Red

When was Xvideos Red established?

The site started uploading videos in 2008. Ever since,  the website boasts of over 120, 000 porn videos.

The number is going to reach a million soon.  It is also easy to navigate through the website and find the content you like.

 What does the premium version look like?

On the premium side, Xvideos Red is no different from PornHub.  This site however is better in one way. That is, members can enjoy all the premium features for one price. No advanced feature is going to drain your pockets in there. This is one area that makes Xvideos Red popular among porn enthusiasts. 

But if this is not enough to draw your attention, keep reading to know more about this tube site and what it has to offer.

 Lacks of ads and popups will better your experience

In general, porn sites that don’t feature popups have a higher ranking on Google.  This is because most people love watching their favorite porn videos uninterrupted.  Getting a premium membership at this site offers exactly that. 

It means that you will be jerking off to the content non-stop. 

There are no ads and popups that can destroy the whole experience.  This makes Xvideos Red the real deal when it comes to watching porn online. If you love streaming porn videos, then you know how convenient this can be. 

A wide range of full length videos

Watching your favorite porn channels is now enjoyable with the premium version. This is where you can enjoy a variety of uninterrupted and full-length videos. 

Select your preferred language

Premium users have over 80 language options to choose from. All these languages are in alphabetical order.

How to get  Xvideos Red premium membership

 All you have to do is provide your credit card details.  The site does not require your physical address. The information needed include;

  •  The credit card number
  •  Security code
  •  Expiration date
  •  Country
  •  Your first and last name
  •  Zipcode

 The Xvideos Redred.com page was like the regular Xvideos Red homepage.  Users can even search for over 9 million porn videos.  It is no different at all.  But I understood why the site wanted these pages to look similar. That is, they wanted their users to enjoy the same UI/UX experience. 

Which categories  does the premium membership offer?

All the videos are placed in different categories. The main categories here include;

  •  History
  •  Pornstars
  •  Best videos
  •  Channels
  •  Profiles
  •  100% verified
  •  Country
  •  Games

 Where does Xvideos Red get its content  from?

Like we said when starting this review, Xvideos Red does not post  most of  their content. Instead,  they pirate the videos from other premium porn websites. Most of the videos come from paid porn sites like Bangbros.  Others are posted by Xvideos Red.

 The site can be in great trouble if the Federal Government passes anti-piracy laws. But till then,  there are no reasons why you shouldn’t enjoy some of your favorite porn shows at Xvideos Red.

What makes Xvideos Red unique?

With premium websites, you can enjoy secure and non-stop viewing. Some free porn sites have popup ads that are full of malware and spyware programs. These programs can end up downloading malicious content without your knowledge or consent. 

Xvideos Red stands out in that it does not pose these risks.

There is something for everyone

 At Xvideos Red, is it easy to find any type of content you are looking for.  It doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is. Men, women, and the trans group can all get something to jerk off to at the website.

 Mobile support: Enjoy exclusive content from anywhere

 WGCZ,  the company that owns Xvideos Red invested a lot of money for the site’s mobile application.  Thanks to this effort, the mobile application offers the smoothest experience. This is something that many other porn sites do not offer.

 Why is the mobile version so popular?

The world is changing fast. Thanks to the advancements in technology, mobile phones are now more affordable than ever. As a result,   many people watch premium porn through their mobile phones , and we will explain why.

Laptops, computers and tablets we use at work and in schools are likely to have porn links in the browser history.

This means that a lot of porn is being watched out there. Some spend all their money watching live performances at Xvideos RedLive. Others even risk watching porn on the company computers during working hours. 

For many, this is a risky act since they fear being caught red handed. And this is where the mobile version comes in.

So long as you have a smartphone and stable internet connection, it is easy (and free) to watch Xvideos Red porn from anywhere.

Considering the quality of the content at Xvideos Red, the website attracts new users every day. All the live videos you find here are of high quality.  They tend to show all the details of the environment and every part of the model’s body.

Our opinion on the 4k video resolutions

 Most of the 4k videos offered at Xvideos Red are really good. The quality is just the same as what we see at Digital PlayGround or Brazzers. 

It is however the 4k resolution that shows every detail of what goes on in the video. 

It makes the video look real, like it is your dick that is getting sucked.  You can even find videos in 3D, which delivers a completely different and unique feeling.

Porn production studio quality

Some people prefer watching videos from amateurs and not professional pornstars.  But true porn lovers aren’t turned on by these types of videos. Most of them won’t pay a dime to watch such content.  

Xvideos Red does not feature any amateur content. Yes, the site has a few independently operated channels.  But these only have a few videos. And as much as they are amateurs, most of them also look professional.

 Only professional videos featured

All the free and paid porn available at Xvideos Red are produced by professionals.  They come from paid actors and actresses.  These are professionals who go through extensive training to fulfill all your sexual fantasies. 

All the content available at Xvideos Red is what you would expect from a premium porn website. Here, you get exactly what you are paying for.

The videos have a suitable background and perfect lighting. 

The storylines of these videos are crafted by expert screenwriters and authors.  The site has invested a large sum of money to ensure that its viewers are happy and satisfied. 

How frequently are the videos uploaded?

Another amazing thing about Xvideos Red is that the site uploads more than  250 new content daily. These are all premium content that you can watch as many times as you wish. 

 How much does it cost to view content at Xvideos Red?

  •  Base price $9.99 per month
  •  There is also a membership of $7.99 per month which is usually billed as $95.88 per year.  This is a more affordable deal

Which payment options does Xvideos Red allow?

Users can make payments using credit cards.  Other payment options like PayPal and bitcoins are not accepted.

 How to stay safe on the website

 When signing up, the main requirements are your username, password, and email. There are other premium sites that have a more demanding registration process.  For instance, some of them may need users to confirm their email.

But Xvideos Red is not like this. 

 It is entirely safe to log in at the site.  All the information you share is under SSL encryption protections.  This makes it impossible for third parties to access your data.

When you sign up for the first time, the site records your login details. So the next time you log in, the system will recognize your details.

 Profile features

 The main features available on the profile screen include;

  •  Location
  •  Sexual orientation
  •  The ability to change your screen display. This can either be dark or light depending on the mood
  •  The ‘watch later’ option
  •  Video preview
  •  Already viewed
  •  Suggestions and history

 Members can also view all their subscriptions on the profile page.

Are there any critics?

Even with all the amazing features, we have discussed about Xvideos Red, there are still areas where they should improve on. Every time you visit the site,  you are welcome with thousands of channels all wanting you to subscribe. 

The only way to get past this is by either clicking not interested or interested in all these channels.  This is always annoying.

Xvideos Red, Can I filter the Videos

Users are also free to filter the videos.  You can filter your options based on;

  •  Date
  •  Recommended
  •  Regular XVideos
  •  Channels
  •  History

 How long does each video take?

 Most of the videos here play for 45 minutes.  This is enough time to  occupy anyone who is lonely.

It is easy to find my preferred model?

Yes. At Xvideos Red, the models are listed based on;

  •  Location
  • Age
  •  Total visits to their profiles
  •  Total number of  photos and videos

Xvideos Red Pros

  •  Some unique content not found  on any other porn site
  •  High-quality videos that are interesting to watch
  •  A large number of videos are added daily
  •  The site charges a reasonable amount of $9.99 for premium membership.  This is more affordable compared to other porn sites
  •  Most of the videos play for about 45 minutes. There are no short videos
  •  The site features porn blog-like videos. This is a pretty cool and unique option
  •  The video previews are interesting enough to make anyone jerk off

Xvideos Red Cons

  •  Amateur pornstars can’t submit videos.  Those who love homemade porn don’t have a lot to watch here
  •  The homepage does not have a lot of information.  You can only view important information after  creating a membership
  •  Only credit cards are accepted. Other popular payment options like PayPal and bank transfers are not accepted
  •  The site claims to only feature 1080 and 4k video quality. But you can still find 720p videos
  •  You can’t see the video length before clicking on it
  •  You can’t see the homepage before  signing up for membership
  • There is no free trial period


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