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Rule 34 Review  and Other Related Hentai Porn Sites

Rule 34, R34XXX, Rule 34 animated porn-these are all the names you can use to refer to the amazing porn website. Ever since wi-fi was invented and released, there has always been this one rule. This rule has inspired intrigue, variation, and general weirdness. 

Here is what Rule 34 means as defined by the website itself;

If it exists there is porn of it. If not, start uploading.

This is a constant which dictates that there is a whole gang of horny fuckers out there who will always find a website to upload sexual content for other horny people to watch. 

Not a single person knows where the origin of Rule 34 is. But what we all know is that this is an iron law of pursuing porn online. Think of something like a porn parody, be sure to find it online. Even if it doesn’t, the amazing folks at Rule34XXX will make sure that it is made available. 

Rule 34xxx

Is really a porn paradise?

Yes, the website delivers exactly as its name suggests. I personally spent a lot of time scanning through hundreds of pages.  Based on my experience, I am pleased to inform you that Rule34 has content that covers different porn categories. 

Which type of content is available at Rule 34?

Examples of the type of content at the site are;


  • Beautiful ladies with gravity-defying tits
  • Animated horses enjoying sex
  • Schoolgirls with large breasts posing seductively
  • Humanoid dragons fucking and you name it

Explaining Rule34 characters

There are lots of unclassified creatures on this website. And as you can guess, they are always doing stuff that is completely illegal in the United States. 

Besides sex, Rule 34 also features a lot of fetishes. You can find weird stuff like a sexualized dragon laying eggs or pregnant men posing. You can even get a picture of a cartoon penetrating a submissive cock while talking dirty.

 Yea, you read that correctly. And can you imagine a cheese being fucked by a goddamn onion! These are the kind of content that is rare to find on any other porn website. 

To be honest, the artists here deserve a reward for the kind of effort they put to come up with content like these. Plus, all the videos are well tagged. This makes it easier to find other kinky stuff related to the kind of content you are watching. 



A wide variety of content to enjoy

There is a lot of content variety available at Rule 34. And it is not only the variety that attracts people to this site. There is also plenty of content to watch. 

On the negative side, all the content at the site is in the form of images. There are no porn videos here. Compared to other hentai sites, almost every content on this website is uncensored. Again, unlike many other hentai sites, every content at Rule 34 is written in English. And the best part of it is that all the content here is free. 

So if it is the cartoon kind of content that can arouse your sexual desires, Rule 34 is the platform to be. You might be wondering if there are normal looking people at the site. I am pleased to inform you that there are also plenty of normal-looking girls. Some are completely nude chicks doing sexy poses. 

What does the website look like?

There are a lot of cartoon dragon dicks that you can enjoy watching at Rule 34. But this is not the only thing that will attract you. The website design is also another thing that you won’t fail to notice. 

To be honest, Rule 34 has a pretty boring web design.  As much as the website is functional, it is easy to notice how boring the design is.  The puke green background is kind of annoying considering that this is a porn site. They should at least use red or white colors like other popular sites. 

The website isn’t that old (it was launched in 20120). But you can be tempted to believe that this site started in the 90s. 

You can’t find drop-down menus like what you are used to in other porn websites. In all the pages, expect to come across those ever-annoying adverts. Pages with texts are terribly formatted. The search bar is only available on the homepage and not any other place. 

What is the purpose of the cheat sheet feature?

To find your way through the site, the designers created a cheat sheet page. This makes it easier to navigate and post content on the site. Surprisingly, the site looks way better on the mobile version.

If you are lucky to get past the weird design without getting annoyed, you can find several subsections that appear neat. 

  • First, there is a page they refer to as pools. This is where you get all the posts that have a common theme. 
  • Then there is a stats page where you can find the recent top-ranked users. These are image posters, commenters, forum posters among others. 
  • On the aliases and artists pages, the site lists top site contributors. 
  • Then there is the comments page where you can find the most recent comments on posts. You can also search for other pages on the comments section

Community features

I can’t say that everything about Rule 34 is amazing. The filthy web design and fan pics can even lower your moods. Another annoying thing at Rule 34 is the community features. 

Even the format of this page is as shitty as the whole website. The structure of conversation threads isn’t better than Reddit’s. You are probably going to get used to it with time. But am not sure if you would even want to try and adjust.

A community of devoted porn enthusiasts

On the positive side, there is a lot of community engagement. Rule 34 has more than 15,000 members. Hundreds of them are usually online at any given time. There are many forum posts and hundreds of people to discuss your favorite smut sketches with. 

Free account registration

Even without creating an account, you can watch 90% of the content at Rule 34. Registration comes with additional perks like commenting on forums and Discord chatting. Lucky enough, it is fast, easy, and free to create an account at the site. 

The  iCame feature

The reason why Rule 34 came up with this feature was to promote their artists and get more community engagement. 

This is one of the site’s features that I have never seen anywhere else. On the iCame account page, you find characters that people came on the most. The top posts are ranked with an iCame counter. 

This is a favorite page at Rule 34 that also makes it easier to find the most popular posts. You can literally be jerking off to one character on a daily basis. 

Alternatives to Rule 34

If you fall in love with the type of porn posts offered at Rule 34, here is good news for you. The site partners with several other porn websites. These are sites like, hyponhub, and 

All these sites have the same content posts as Rule 34. Even the website design is the same if you can still tolerate the shitty structure.

Most of the characters at these other websites are also cartoons. But you can still find sweet pictures of real human beings and clever gifs as well. You can even find a subpar blog site if you are into stuff like that.

As we said, all these sites have the same old fashioned web design as Rule 34. But this is only one of the annoying things. You also should be prepared to handle the annoying ads at these sites. The level of quality control also varies from one site to another. 

Community support

If you feel like supporting Rule 34, there is a Patreon page on the cartoon website. 

There is also an e-store where users can buy a Rule 34 t-shirt. This is a good option for anyone who wants to show the world how attached they are to animated kink. 

Rule 34 in conclusion

In general, Rule 34 is a huge website with plenty of porn content to enjoy. There is no variety here considering that the site does not feature porn videos.But if you enjoy watching animated erotic images, then there is plenty for you to watch at Rule 34. 

the site features everything that you can imagine in this category. If whatever you are looking for isn’t available at the site yet, feel free to update your content. 

 In my opinion, Rule 34 delivers what it promises. But one thing that annoyed me the most was the website design. Like I said, you can only enjoy the content at Rule 34 if you are strong enough to see past the web design. Otherwise, it can totally ruin your experience.

 The design aside, Rule 34 has an active community. Plus, there is also a wide range of content to enjoy here. 

Rule 34 What I liked

  • A lot of weird stuff to watch
  • Devoted community

Rule 34 What I disliked

  • Terrible website design
  • Only images are featured. There are no full videos or even animated clips


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