Reality Kings

Reality Kings: Review and Discount

I remember those days when I started exploring the adult entertainment world. It is this site, Reality Kings that I first came across.

This is one porn network that most of us love and respect. The porn sites in this network have now recorded a total of over 11,000 premium porn videos.

Reality Kings

The Reality Kings journey, how did the site start?

Reality King is one of the oldest porn networks that we currently have. The site started back in 2006. Ever since, it has been growing in popularity and is now one of the latest networks in the industry.

This is one of the best places to be for anyone who loves watching high-quality porn videos. Some of the videos come from the best studios in the world.

How frequently does the site update content?

Today, Reality Kings updates its content twice daily. These updates consist of famous pornstars fucking in all sorts of manner.

How many websites make up Reality Kings?

Reality Kings has over 40 websites that you can access for free. These sites have great options like 40-inch Plus, We Live Together,

Pure 18 and so much more. You can start watching all these videos immediately after becoming a member.

How much does it cost to watch videos at Reality Kings?

Reality Kings charges a reasonable amount for their videos. Most of the videos are also available in 1080p.

You can also choose a lower quality if you do not have a strong internet connection. There are both stream and download options.

Generally, Reality Kings has everything you should expect in a mega porn website. Just log in today and get the first-hand experience.

You are never going to be disappointed with what the site has to offer.

What makes Reality Kings special?

When you log in to a paid porn website, the first thing you should expect is variety.

Reality Kings is one porn network that will keep you filled with passion and lust. It will make you want to come back over and over again.

When you become a member of the site, rest assured that whatever you see next will satisfy your sexual desires. There is always something for everyone at Reality Kings.

There is no way you can get bored with all the amazing content available there.

Here are the best reasons why Reality Kings is the best porn network today;

  • There are no repetitions. All the clips available on the website are high quality and unique
  • There are so many porn varieties. The options available will leave you glued to the screen. There is interracial sex, beautiful taboo play, tiny tits, large bouncy boobs and so much more!
  • There are both professional and amateur pornstars. The professionals featured at Reality Kings are porn experts who have been around for ages. 
  • There are over 11000 porn videos that you can enjoy. The site also updates its content regularly. At least 2 scenes are updated every day. Their porn collection continues to grow every day. This is one thing that every porn lover would want to hear.

Is there bonus content?

Once you buy a membership, there is so much that you can enjoy at Reality Kings.

As we said, there are over 40 porn websites on the network. This is simply paying for one and getting access to 39 extra sites for free. How incredible!

This is one of the best deals available online since the invention of porn about 40 years ago. Did you even know that porn has been around for that long?

With so many options available at the price of one, there is no reason why Reality Kings should not be the number one porn network right now.

This is actually where you get the best value as far as porn is concerned.

Explaining the Reality Kings discounts

Again, the fact that you are getting access to over 40 websites for one makes Reality Kings a darling. On top of that, there is also a lifetime discount on membership. You can get fantastic prices at Mr. Porn Geek.

Enjoy the best of what Reality Kings has to offer

I explained the wide range of porn sites that you can get access to once you buy a Reality King membership. I also have praised the site for featuring over 11,000 porn clips.

Even so, I am still going to elaborate further on this. A majority of the videos at the site are reality porn films. But you can also find a good number of other genres.

Some of the options available include;

  • Milf
  • Interacial
  • Fetish
  • Big busty babes
  • Teen 

What is the quality of videos offered at Reality Kings?

Most of the movies available at Reality Kings are HD. Note that most of them are reality porn. This means that you are getting a storyline that matches well with the high-quality view of some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Out of the 11,000 movies, over 8,000 are in full XXX HD. Since the site updates content daily, you should also expect more and more of these.

Can I find male models as well?

Besides the female models, Reality Kings also feature male models in their videos. So expect something to jerk off to regardless of whether you are bisexual or straight.

How is the website design? It is easy to use

The Reality Kings website is easy to navigate. However, there are a few improvements that we think the site should work on. We are going to talk about this later.

In general, it is easy to find whatever you are looking for at Reality Kings. The videos here are arranged in categories. You can either filter your options by individual site or all the sites.

Filtering by all the sites will give you a wide range of options, which I think is what you would love to see.

There is also a search function if you are looking for something specific. If there is a specific pornstar that you would want to see, don’t hesitate to search for her and see what she has to offer.

Each of the movies here also comes with several photos that you can consider checking out.

Are there areas where Reality Kings should improve?

If I was a porn network with over 40 sites, I would be proud. This is exactly how Reality Kings feel. Yes, the site has plenty of porn movies to watch. On top of that, new videos are also updated every single day.

Inactive videos

The only issue is that some of these videos are not active anymore. There are featured sites like Team Squirt, Money Talks, and Big Tits Boss that are now inactive. Apart from the videos that were already posted, don’t expect to find new uploads from these sites.

Extra charges

Another area of concern is that the site charges an extra amount for those who want to download the videos. This is not only something that I only noticed with Reality Kings. Many other high-quality porn sites have also started doing the same.

This wasn’t a big issue for me. While I enjoyed watching videos at the site, downloading has never been an option for me. What I love is watching more new content. I hate jerking off to the same content every now and then.

Reality Kings-Should I get membership?

The only reason why I would advise you to get a membership is that you will keep track of your favorite porn movies. Before, you didn’t need to get a membership upgrade if you wanted to download your favorite clips.

But now you do. As a bonus, you can also download porn pics for free.

Like what you should expect in porn sites that have been around for ages, there is some vanilla porn here.

These are just a few clips and most of them are still great. So this wasn’t a big issue.

RealityKings, Conclusion

Reality Kings, just like its name is one site that you can’t get enough of. Well, having a name like that also comes with great expectations. I am happy to inform you that Reality Kings is now one of the top porn websites around.

My best categories were taboo roleplay porn and reality porn. I was glad to find so many of these options at the site. There is no doubt that the value of this site well matches the price.

What I liked

  • More than 11,000 porn videos
  • Plenty of HD porn videos
  • Over 40 porn websites

What I disliked

  • There is a download limit of 50 videos per day
  • Extra charge for downloads


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