Are you thinking of streaming hentai and anime porn? To start, let me be honest with everyone reading this. I am never charmed with hentai or anime porn until i saw Hanime.

One of the reasons is that they are too culturally disparate for me to watch. Another reason is that cartoon chicks are not my type at all; they don’t turn me on. 

School girls, reverse rape porn videos, creatures with big tits etc always seemed a bit bizarre to me.

Where is Hentai Popular?

That said, so many people in different parts of the world are into either hentai or anime or even both. As a matter of fact, hentai is more popular in the US than in Japan itself. It is among the most-watched genres of porn these days. And the popularity continues to grow every day.

 I think people just enjoy fantasizing about impossible things. For instance, you can find a very tiny chick in a rough sex encounter with a giant. This doesn’t mean that all anime and hentai porn are impossible situations.

What sort of characters are in Hentai?

Most of hentai and anime porn is quite Vanilla. Not all of them feature two beasts fucking a tiny Japanese girl. Most of the things you see in hentai videos are the same as what you find in a typical anime. This is until it transforms into hardcore fucking and full nudity. 

Is the porn censored?

Of course, you can’t see things like these on Toonami. Note that most anime porn out there is censored, which is quite disappointing for people like me. However, this is only a feature for anime porn made in Japan. It is illegal to produce uncensored pornography in the country. 

The good news is that there is also a large variety of hentai and anime porn produced outside of Japan. And this is where the real deal is for anyone who is into anime porn. 

Most hentai and anime lovers are purists. They only want the real, authentic stuff. They can put up with watching blurry pussies so long as they are watching the latest content where their favorite artist is featured. These are the type of people who are serious about the type of leisure they get. 

A large variety of anime porn to watch

There are so many websites that specifically offer anime porn. Most of these websites also focus more on community engagement.

They, therefore, offer forums and others even give a chance for users to post their own content. hanime.tv is one of the platforms that still adhere to this tradition. But to some extent, Hanime is somehow unique compared to its competitors. 

What do you get on hanime tv?

On the homepage, there is a large banner with two sexy hentai ladies under a Japanese skyline. There is a phrase in the middle of the banner that welcomes users to watch free anime and hentai videos for free.

You can enjoy a wide range of anime and hentai collections with 720 and 1080 HD quality. These videos are also accessible via tablet and mobile phone for free. When you scroll down the page, you find what appears to be a hentai porn tube site. There are different options to choose from, which include:

  • New releases
  • Recent image uploads
  • Recent uploads
  • Random, and 
  • Trending

There are right and left arrows that help you quickly go through the list. There is just so much content to enjoy on hanime.tv. 

The website has an appealing design. It has a black and grey theme, and the texts are white in color. At the upper left corner of the homepage, there is a drop-down menu that makes it easier to navigate the site.

Click on this menu and you will have full access to the site features without scrolling around to find a page. This is one of the things that I love to see at a porn site. It helps reduce unnecessary clutter. 

An active community of porno purists

Besides the quality anime and hentai episodes, Hanime tv also offers a platform for its users to engage as a community. It is easy to register by creating a username and giving basic information, after this, you can: 

  • Upload videos and images
  • Like or dislike content
  • Share content
  • Comment on content

 You are also free to post your own videos. Besides, you can interact with other users and chat on issues like your favorite series among other things. Another amazing thing about being a Hamine member is the chance to create as many playlists as you like. You can even add videos to these playlists. 

You can watch Hentai, look at HD hentai streams, hentai school girls as well as uncensored hentai. Lots of free porn is available. Check also nHentai.

Youtube influenced playlist functions and media player

Yes, I remember saying that I am not really into cartoon porn. However, the hanime media player is something that I can’t resist. Very few porn sites use the Youtube model in their video players. And among them is hanime.tv.

 The videos are found on the left side, and there are playlists and related releases on the right. There is a lengthy description below the video.  It includes detailed information you need to know on the series where the video originates from. There is the comments section at the bottom of the page. 

Is the site on desktop and app for Hanime?

Besides accessing the site on your computer, Hanime also has a desktop site. This makes it easier to access the videos from your tablet and mobile phone as well. 

The site also has an app. This is another amazing feature on top of what it already offers. It is one thing that sets hanime.tv apart from other hentai websites. 

I did not use the app. I however got the chance to see the screenshots and it isn’t any different from the desktop site in appearance. It is also easy to navigate. 

Is there a negative aspect in Hanime?

This now brings us to the drawbacks of Hanime. And as you might have already guessed, it is the ads that I am talking about. The website is full of adverts.

You find gigantic ads in the middle, at the bottom of the page, and on the right part of the video player. These ads take a large percentage of the screen space and this leaves a small space that looks more like an app.

According to the site, they rely on these ads to provide users with an amazing experience. But this isn’t enough explanation to convince anyone, especially me on why the ads should be there. What I think is that these ads are actually a hindrance to an amazing user experience.

 To be honest, porn sites with too many ads do nothing more than pissing me off. I am lucky that hentai porn doesn’t turn me on, so I got nothing to lose really. 

I think it is untrue that ads play a role in providing an amazing user experience. I have used so many sites with 0% ads that still provide a great user experience. So this isn’t an excuse that hanime.tv should use. In short, the presence of so many ads at this site can only be described as awful customer service. 

The ads aside, Hanime is a high-quality website

If you are a fan of anime and hentai porn, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t try out hanime.tv. There is so much content to enjoy here. The website has an attractive design. It is also easy to navigate through the pages. 

These are thousands of interesting and high HD videos to watch. You can even watch the entire series of videos you like. At hanime.tv, you can discover new videos that you have never seen anywhere else. You also get the chance to interact with other hentai lovers. 

Hentai porn isn’t my thing. But if it were, I would be a frequent visitor to hanime.tv. And the fact that they have a mobile app makes it even more interesting. You can watch the porns you love from anywhere, just make sure that your boss won’t catch you. 

I don’t want to hear how you got fired after taking a bathroom break only to be found watching porn at hanime.tv without locking the door. I don’t know whether that would be sad or hilarious. 

Hanime What I liked

  • High-quality videos
  • Has an app
  • The mobile version is easy to use
  • Well designed
  • Youtube-like media player

Hanime What I disliked

  • The site is full of ads


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