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Before Dirtyroulette, You probably remember when the adult chat site, Chatroulette, was launched about a decade ago. This was an idea of a teen girl, seventeen years old to be precise, from Russia.
Chatroulette was one sight that we can all agree transformed the webcam chat.

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Traditional web chats only involved interacting with one person, usually a person you know well. And then there came Chatroulette where you could communicate with anyone and from any location. These chats are anonymous, so in no way can you know who the other person is.

Teenage girls quickly flocked to this site. Chatroulette became an exciting platform where teens spend their weekends sexting and video chatting with strangers. As you may guess, Chatroulette gradually became a hunting ground for filthy old men.

In just one year, parents joined arms and started figuring out how they could rescue their teenagers from the dangerous predators’ paradise, as some people referred to the site.

I am not saying this out of personal experience; never used Chatroulette myself. From what I read and heard, the site was corrupted with a gang of old men jacking off on camera. 

That was not the end of Chatroulette though, the adult site is still active. And measures were taken to protect the members against such people. First, posting anything sexual on the site was prohibited.

They even went to the extent of putting a dick detector on the site. Just imaging the hell of a task they went through to come up with such measures. Imagine how many dicks those guys had to look at when developing the dick detector.  

The controversies surrounding Chatroulette came as good news for porny entrepreneurs who rushed to create other adult chat cam sites. They actually saw this as a huge marketing opportunity for their own sites.

Thanks to the controversies, sites like Dirtyroulette and slutroulette.com were born. These sites used the same Chatroulette model of random cam chats.

You can even skip the current chat mate and move to a new one. And in these sites, the old men started to showcase their dirty old dicks all over again! 

Enough with the history, let’s now move to the good stuff

This brings us to Dirtyroulette.com. The website is, first of all, very user friendly. It basically consists of two screens. One showing you and the other one showing your chat mate.

It has several control buttons (start, stop and girls) and a chatbox on the right side. There is a disclaimer indicating that you must be at least 18 years old to use the website. After this, you will get a detailed description of how to use the website and lastly, there is the chat section. 

It is simple to get started, just enter your gender and the start after that. Then allow access to microphone and webcam. You are then ready to participate in hot video chats with horny and sexy girls from any part of the world! So let’s get started, press the start button!

Dirtyroulette and there come the ‘random sexy sluts’! 

Click start, a dick appears. Skip that. Next, another dick, and then there is an old man stoking a shrunken dick.

Skip that again. Then there’s this hairy dick and a hairy thigh. Ooh boy, let’s skip this also. This is definitely a smooth leg from a sexy chick.

No, it isn’t? Looks more of a zoomed-in dick! Damn it!

This happens often at Dirtyroulette. And it can even go on for weeks before finding that sexy thing you have been looking for at the site. For me, I couldn’t wait another minute after seeing the series of dicks.

That’s when I decided to click the ‘girls’ button with the thought that this would save me from the never-ending dicks and hairy thighs. 

 And there comes a new URL, girls.dirtyroulette com. There is no difference between this version and the original Dirtyroulette. But instead of getting nothing more than disgusting dicks this time, there is this sexy woman on pyjamas laying seductively on the bed.

This is way better. Then there is a prompt on my cam screen that needs permission for the site to use java. Otherwise, I can’t see more than the image of this sexy girl haunting my mind like crazy. 

As soon as I click accept, I see the age verification prompt.

After all, I could have been a fourteen-year-old who has seen more dicks than I can handle at my age, which is ok. I don’t have to verify my age at this time. But when I want to see the real tits, then I must be at least 18 years old. Is there anything wrong with this?

Yes! And I can tell you exactly what is wrong with that. When I click on ‘verify now’, I am again redirected to another site, Myfreecams.com. This also looks like a typical cam chat site.

There are a bunch of camgirls who are live and some filters on the left side and a login spot at the top right. Here, I am required to sign up using my email address. I have no option but to sign up with question marks on my head.

Do they also want my credit card details? I get a confirmation email. I click the link and now qualify to use Myfreecams (or purchase tokens lol). Ok, what really happened to girls.dirtyroulette.com?

Continue reading…I decide to go back to Dirtyroulette thinking that I can get my roulette chat on, after all, I have already signed up for Myfreecams. But this leads me to the same thing all over again, age verification. I am annoyed but click on it anyway. Then I am back to Myfreecams.


Dirtyroulette Girl

I think the name Dickroulette suits them best!

When it comes to porn sites for straight guys, I don’t think there is much to see on Dirtyroulette. This is unless you are only out there to try just another new campsite.

If dick is your thing, be sure to have an amazing experience on Dirty roulette. Well, I can agree that the site is easy to use and no signing up is required. But that endless list of dicks is all annoying. 

What I also noticed on Dirtyroulette was their impressive video quality. Yes, the dicks might have appeared, but they were all crystal clear. I will also give credit to Dirtyroulette for ensuring that all the filthy old men are out of the site.

I read so many reviews about these old men trying to prey on innocent girls at Dirtyroulette. Somebody had to step in after all. Better that it is my account being flooded with those endless streams of old dicks than that of an innocent schoolgirl in Idaho. So that’s one positive mark on their end. 

Another area where I can commend Dirtyroulette is the easy-to-use website. Even a person who has never been in an IT class can use the site with ease. It is actually so easy to use that a monkey pet can find his way through.

But for the love of God, keep your monkey pet as far away from the computer as possible. Even some old dirty dicks that I came across on Dirtyroulette might have belonged to a monkey-no offence, just my thoughts.

 I actually don’t understand where all these men get the courage to show off their dicks to the world. In matter of fact those dicks were impressive and I am sure that most people like me (those who want to have real sex chat fun rather than endless old dicks) also think the same way.

 Site user wonder how those men get that strong desire to stroke their dicks in public which also seem to be saying, “You Diane, I Dick, we fuck now’. No one really understands anyway.

What I can say is that deep down, we all are just monkeys that need to cum.  If you don not find dirtyroulette suitable adult chat room for free live enjoyment. Please check similar cam sites from our selecton  : ChatrandomShagleChatspin,  and Omegle. Read Our review and start chatting.

So where did I leave? Oh yeah Dirtyroulette

To summarise, Dirtyroulette is a paradise for live sex cam “dick lovers”. This site doesn’t have anything that a straight guy can enjoy. So, unfortunately, we will have to continue with the search for a decent adult video chat site.

As much as it is hard to say, chances of getting that epic sex cam site for straight guys are minimal. Women can make a fortune through the paid cam sites and since they know this, seeing those tits for free is next to impossible.

Well, that’s ok, after all, we all have to make money when we get the chance and I won’t mind tipping a girl if she delivers what I want. So I am off to explore what Myfreecams cam to cam can offer.

I can’t count the number of dicks I just saw today! And I want to use this time to cleanse the palate. For dick lovers, happy fapping (know that am never going to watch it anymore) maybe i will use other webcam chat site and enjoy random stranger Cam girl.


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