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Dateblocker is One of the Fastest Growing Cam Sites

Get online and chat with people from the top chat sites in the world. We have compiled the top main chat sites so you do not need to search any further.

Dateblocker connects people with similar interests!!

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Sex chat

A popular room here, sex chat, can be accessed by users from different parts of the globe looking for people to chat and hook-up with.

Adult cams

This is a social room where adults can interact by chatting on different topics.  Intense sex is not forbidden in adult chat. It is however advised that you only keep this type of chat in the sex room

Video chat&Cams

Make use of your desktop or phone microphone and cam to interact with other users through video chats.  Watching is also allowed if you don’t want to chat

Roleplay sex cams

Members can get creative by taking a role in the roleplay chat. You get a chance to engage in science fiction or adding fantasy in your sexual chats

Gay sex cams

The site also accommodates gays and bisexuals.  Anyone regardless of their sexual orientation is welcome to connect and explore. This can be either long-distance or locally, but away from nosy people. You get the chance to find a boyfriend if you want. If not, just have a casual interaction with other members.

Lesbian cams

Lesbians and bisexuals can enjoy the site just like anybody else.  Lesbian chat is suitable for lesbians or any other girl who wants to explore and connect. Find a girlfriend to chat with, either internationally or locally and enjoy being in a company of girls like you.

Trivia sex cams

This involves an interactive trivia game.  You can either test your knowledge or compete with other members.

User rooms

These are rooms where you can talk about any topic you want.  Users are allowed to create a chatroom anytime.

Advanced Live Cam rooms

Over the years, Flash, Java and other third party software have been the popular chat rooms. As chat lovers and also administrators of chat rooms, we realized that there was a need for another type of software. This is actually the main reason why we created our own chat software

We also wanted our software to be used by different types of people. It is secure, safe and compatible with many browsers and devices. This was actually our primary goal and we are glad to have accomplished it.   Additionally, our in-house chat software doesn’t need any plugin.

You got it right. Our standalone software does not need third-party software, downloads or plugins.  You only need to load the software in the browser and start chatting.  It even works in shared computers where software installation is restricted.

If you chat regularly, our software simply means better compatibility. Administrators and room owners also don’t have to worry about exploits in Flash and Java.  In short, the chat room is safe and secure.  The microphone and webcam features are convenient for interactive chats.

Mobile sex cams

Our mobile software is fully interactive and fast.

We developed this standalone software to make life smooth for you. Third-party software isn’t required. No plugins no downloads, or registration of any way is required.

All you need to do is signup or even access the site as a guest member and find people to chat with. Use your laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet and enjoy the same convenience. After all, they all use the same servers and software. And you can comfortably connect with all other users.

Our chat rooms are mobile compatible.  You can even use a mobile device to share pictures and have a video chat. There is absolutely no difference from other webcams.  This may be a new concept in online chats, but we are trying as much to make it stand out.

What you can do on the site

There is so much to do at dateblocker Yes, chat rooms are the most popular section on the site, but there are also other things you can do. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Browse user rooms

Dateblocker  has a large number of chat rooms that other members create.  Usually, these rooms are designed for more personalized topics that may not be in our categories but most people tend to enjoy.  It is the chatroom owners that are responsible for moderating content in their chat rooms.

Create a chatroom

The best way to enjoy online chats is through creating a chat room. You have the freedom to choose the topics you like and make the rules. Creating a chat room makes you the boss of everything that happens in there.  This includes moderating the chats. It is also possible to upgrade your friends as moderators in the room. Room chats are based on your interests and it is private in that only your friends can participate.

Create a profile

It is fast and free to register if you want to create a profile. Therefore, nothing should stop you from doing so.  By creating a profile, you will be visible to friends or even new users who are interested. These people can easily find you and you can even receive their messages when offline.

Browse profiles

The site also allows users to browse through profiles of other chatters.  You can see top-rated users, send direct messages and check who is online.  You can also view recent pictures and posts among other things.


This is one of the main attractive features at Dateblocker.  The chat rooms are always busy regardless of the time you want to join.  Whether you want to video chat, sex chat or get into deeper conversations, you can always find people who are interested in these rooms.


Are you the type of person who loves reading and creating long informative texts? would you like to share your thoughts in the chat environment? or are you looking for a person to share serious subjects with? If any or all your answers for above questions are yes, then this is the place for you.  Share texts, pictures, send private messages or even embed videos.  This feature allows you to chat on your pace.