8muses Review: How Good is the Free Comic Collection at 8muses?

Here is another review from us, 8muses! Just like the reviews we have done before, we aim to ensure you only visit the best adult sites when you feel like jerking off. We inform you when there are new features in your favorite porn site.

We will also update you on the most popular sites you should consider adding to your favorites list. In this review, we are going to cover 8muses.


A detailed review of 8muses

Note that this is an updated review. We did the actual review on 8muses a few years back.

However, we only wrote about 200 words on it the other time. We are now back to the review and can’t wait to share with you how much the site has changed for the better.

First of all, 8muses is not a porn video site but an adult comic porn book.  The book concentrates on XXX cartoons that will make you jerk off in no time.

This already starts sounding interesting. So let’s continue with the review to get more details on what you should expect on 8muses.

Explaining the homepage

Like other reviews we have done before, we will start by explaining to you how the 8muses homepage looks like.

You can have an idea of what the site offers by taking one look at the homepage.

You will find different types of comics arranged in categories. It is easy to find the type of story you love the most by choosing your preferred category.

Note that the categories available here do not focus on specific niches. Rather, they are based on the origin of the comic. Different publishes are represented at the site. The most popular ones are;


  • Shadbase
  • MILF Toon
  • Innocent Dickgirls
  • MCC

All you need to do is click on the author you like to enjoy all their recent publications. I like Milf Toon, so this is where I landed first.

Let’s now dive into what you should expect in the categories.

8muses categories section

When I clicked on MILF Toon category, the results were a list of publications from the artist. I chose the Lemonade Series. It is the thumbnail of a sexy mature woman wearing a thong that actually attracted me to it.

One thing I liked about 8muses comics is that they are all hosted locally.

You, therefore, don’t need to visit a third party site when you want to download whatever comic you want to read.

I have come across plenty of sites like this before and to be honest, they are not impressive. With 8muses, you can jerk off to the comics immediately. There is a large library of adult cartoons to enjoy.

By the way, I highly recommend that you read the Lemonade Series if you are a fan of MILF Toon. Just picture mature women with amazing ticks sucking your balls like it’s the last time!

Can I download the content?

What I was disappointed at is that downloading the comics to your computer is not an easy process. You have to go through so many steps to do so.

If you are reading this, am not sure if you would really want to store some porn content on your computer.

However, I have seen so many people complaining about this same thing on other websites.

Extra features offered at 8muses

Additional links

At the headbar and sidebar, you can find links to some porn websites. These are only a few links but they direct users to high-quality sites.

Recent updates

Then there is the recently updated page. Here, you can find a list of the newest publications to feature on the website.

How often is the content uploaded?

Am not sure how often the site updates its content. But by the look of things, The site posts dozens of new publications at least weekly. I actually did a Google search to know the number of new pages.

The site does not have a description of what you should expect before clicking on a publication. But this is nothing to complain about considering that you get all the content for free.

The recently updated page gives you an option to enjoy the freshest publications. If there are no recent updates, the site will also inform you;

There are no updates for the past few days, please come back later.

Can I tell which are the most popular publications?

There is also another interesting feature on 8muses that I would like to share with you. That is, you can know the number of likes that a specific publication has.

You can therefore tell which publications from your favorite author are more popular.

There is also an option for views. This is where you can enjoy the publications based on popularity.

Yes, the site has only a few navigation tools. But the type of content available is exactly what you would want to read from a site like this.

The 8muses forums section

Apparently, 8muses is one site with a very active forums section.

Don’t leave the site before visiting this page. It is free to sign up. However, you don’t need to register before looking at the posts. So you don’t have to worry about sharing your personal details if you are only here for a while.

How many posts does the site have?

Every since the site started, there are over 50,000 posts on the forum page. This is an impressive number I can say. The most popular subforum has the name western art and comics. There are also options like hentai and manga among others.

I would also like to mention that 8muses focuses on the western cartoon style.

This is probably why the style leads with over 6.2k threads. There is also some hentai content, but not so much. So if you enjoy Japanese produced porn, there are options for you to jerk off to.

Final words

I guess I have exhausted the most important thing you would want to know about 8muses. I had a great time at the site, and I know you will too. If you are looking for a site that offers a western-style comic, then this is the place you should be running to right now.

Here are the main things that make 8muses stand out;

  • The content is free
  • There are thousands of publications to enjoy
  • New publications are added on a weekly basis
  • You can also participate in the forum


I highly recommend 8muses to you guys. I have come across many adult cartoon sites. But very few of them can compete with 8muses.  The site has done a commendable job offering a platform where we can enjoy the hottest comics as soon as they are published.

What I liked

  • You can read the publications for free
  • A lot of publications to enjoy
  • It is easy to navigate through the site

What I disliked

  • There are limited search filters
  • A few ads
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  • Free tokens and Bonuses Available
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